It’s Cross Platform and Massively Reduces App Dev Costs, but WTF Is React Native?

We helped a startup cut down from 3 development agencies to 1 whilst mirroring features across Web, iOS and Android, releasing all 3 simultaneously. All because of a little thing called React Native.

5 Things Most Startups Forget When Building Their First App

At Solid State we've been building apps for startups and corporates for years. With a big focus on rapid development I've seen all the mistakes, and made a few myself. This is my quick guide to bypass some of the horror.

Laundry Is Dull and Robots Are Cool - Insights From CES 2017

From IoT sex pants, to audio through your skull, last week’s Consumer Electronics Show did not hold back on the weird and wonderful new tech - but is any of it useful? Overall there were no massive ground breaking advances, but there were some pretty amazing iterations on last years tech. These are my highlights.

10 Must Read Long Reads This Holiday

The holidays are nearly upon us - time of relaxation, rest and reflection and maybe some reading. If you are anything like us then finding time to have a good long read is tricky during the work day - but with time on your hands why not pick a few from this list of 10 great longer reads, curated by our Aziz.

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