Developing with React and React Native

Making fantasy football a reality

  • UX design,
  • UI design,
  • Frontend & Backend Development
  • React,
  • React Native,
  • AWS,
  • Docker,
  • Webpack
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00 / Overview

Dugout FC hired us to build web and mobile apps for their brand new fantasy football game. It presented some incredibly complex problems, such as handling a real-time, turn-based team selection process and delivering live fantasy football scores – and it needed to work on multiple platforms. Our team chose to use Facebook’s React and React Native: the perfect tactical approach, which produced premier league results!

Draft UI
01 / Challenge


Dugout FC wanted to create the ultimate cross-platform fantasy football experience: a second-screen app for their users to enjoy while watching the English Premier League on TV. It had to be an engaging, social experience that users would log into every day and stick with for the whole season. From the initial briefing, we only had 6 months until the start of the new season – so we had to work fast.

02 / Solution


We focused on the web app initially, racing to complete it in time for the client’s vital pre-season marketing window in July. Then we followed up with mobile apps for iOS and Android, building both simultaneously. Because we chose React Native, we could use near-identical code for both platforms, reducing development time by almost half.

05 / Development

Technology Used

06 / Highlights

It was a huge challenge to build such a sophisticated platform in just 6 months, but the decision to use React and React Native proved to be the right call. Because we produced the web app in time for Dugout FC’s pre-season marketing window, they reached their goal of signing up 10,000 users for their first season. And the iOS and Android apps made sure they stuck around.

Client Quote Image
“The guys at SSG were incredibly invested in the product and the build. Our product sees the majority of its traffic at the weekend when everyone is usually enjoying their free time, but the team spent their personal time ensuring the game was where it needed to be every weekend.”

Andrew Mofatt / Founder, Dugout FC

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