Tablet & Web Application

Straightening out corporate documentation

  • UX design,
  • UI design,
  • Tablet App Development,
  • API Development
  • React Native
  • Java,
  • Webpack,
  • Docker
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00 / Overview

The brief

The Publicate House team approached us to redesign and rebuild their app, which helps companies manage and distribute company documentation across their organisation and individual teams. We would also be redesigning and building the app's document viewer which facilitated the use of the companies external interactive presentations. The new app needed to be responsive to mobile and tablet devices in both orientations, and could be branded and themed by each of Publicates corporate clients on the client side. The long term plan was also to release on both iOS and Android stores so it was a easy to choose React Native as our framework for the project.

01 / UI Design

Orientation Sensitive UI

Responsive UI

Technology Used

Publicate UI

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