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The future of media financing

  • Research,
  • UX design,
  • UI design,
  • Interaction Design,
  • Web Application Development,
  • API Development
  • React,
  • Java,
  • Graph QL,
  • Webpack
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To create an engaging, interactive experience to what is a considerably sterile subject matter. Large forms are always daunting for users and product designers so creating a unique and exciting initial experience was paramount for 'selling' this product to new visitors.

Design Discovery

UX Research

We created a prototype that was built with Sketch and Invision. This let users move through the core workflows and indentified any pain points in the web app.

UX Process

UI Design

We built on our wireframes with a high fidelity design language for the application process, as well as the dashboard interface.

High Fidelity Design

Interaction Design

We focussed on specific areas of the app and undertook detailed interaction design phases to make the product 'pop' in all the right moments.


We identified the first contact and the final quote as the areas that book ended the initial experience for the end user and ensured that we surprised and delighted the user, despite the rather labour intensive application process.

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