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Rebooting female fitness for Tone and Sculpt

  • Research,
  • UX design,
  • UI design,
  • Mobile App Development,
  • API Development
  • React Native,
  • AWS,
  • PostgreSQL,
  • Django 2,
  • Python
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00 / Overview

Tone and Sculpt came to us with the objective of making their app the leading womens fitness app in 6 months. Their existing app had lots of users, but they were unhappy with the quality of the experience they were getting.

UX Design Whiteboard
UX Design Whiteboard

UX Research

After consolidating feedback from their users, our high level objectives were to drastically improve the user experience and interface, to provide a more personalised and bespoke experience for users and make the app a truly social platform.

UX Design Whiteboard


We undertook a detailed design discovery phase which consisted of competitor analysis, user research, user journey maps and more to help contextualize our design decisions going forward.

03 / UI Design

After iterating on wireframes, we began the UI design phase which resulted in a clean and professional interface, with improved navigation patterns and features for the user.

03 / UI Design

UI Components

Tone and Sculpt UI

Tone and Sculpt UI
04 / Solution

We successfully designed and developed the new Tone and Sculpt app over a period of three months, just in time for their relaunch in January 2020.

tone and sculpt phones

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